Diana Senechal

Anything can be anything.
The midway point can be anything.
Identical ends meet.

I sleep on a stream of frames.
Stick figures, cars, spiders
shouting the colors ride.

Warm river running in circles,
water falls down from my brain,
grandmother holding a baby.

Paper is not like music.
It's thick and material.
Mine I use as a hammock.

People are starting to die.
My friends are having children.
I'm still learning to talk.

Leaving a space open
for you to sit by me,
I join you in body code,

looking away, then back,
then into the nearby wall
where we were both once pictures.

Amazing how we have grown.
We can be anything:
acrobats, puppets, pets.

Words splash into our glasses.
The players have opened their cases.
The lights blast rude again.

All that can happen has happened.
Holding my body close
for a second you were my frame.