The Nose's Arrest

Diana Senechal

What you see on your face, an empty space
in place of nose, is, er, a passing glitch.
We caught the nose after a sweaty chase;
he had a passport and was trying to ditch
this seemly nation. Never has such nerve
deterred us; we are wise to spurts of will.
We take great pride in straightening a curve
and quashing motion (some might say we kill).
So, all is solved. You may restore your face;
we will resume our posts and eye the street
for anything that leaves its proper place,
or any hint of whimsy or conceit.
Now that you have your justice and your nose,
we have moved on to other overthrows.



Note: The last line of this sonnet is a quotation from the Onion News video "CIA Accidentally Overthrows Costa Rica." The rest is based on Nikolai Gogol's story "The Nose" (but does not do it justice).